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In today's marketplace, being a part time agent is no longer feasible as consumers demand agents who can devote 100% effort and time to them and to the job of finding or selling their home.  In addition, it is almost impossible for the part timer to stay abreast of the constantly changing array of real estate laws, thus exposing the agent and their customer to possible liability.

Do you have a large network? Would you like to benefit from your network in the most straightforward and cost-effective manner possible?  Being a referral agent with LRS (Luxury Relocation Services, Inc) is the solution.  The agent can take care of their friends by referring them to full time professionals, and receive a handsome referral fee in return. 

At LRS you can enjoy:

  • Low annual fee.
  • John R. Wood Properties has one of the highest average sales prices in the area, thus making brokerage fees, and referral fees, higher than at other companies.
  • Professional, highly trained agents that will get the transaction completed, so you can receive your referral fee!


If you have a Florida real estate license and would like to learn more, please inquire by contacting:

Jane Miller (239) 659-6150

Email Me