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Driving Directions

So who are you dealing with here?  Well, I’m a Hoosier boy by birth (aka Indiana).  I was educated at Purdue University and Indiana University, which makes for a difficult seating decision at the Old Oaken Bucket game!

After twenty-five years as a practicing mechanical engineer and entrepreneur/ construction manager, I decided that the time had come for retirement living.  The game plan was simple…. I was going to hold a chaise lounge down in Naples Florida for the duration.  Well, the concept was great, but I found the process on doing absolutely nothing was a little more appealing on paper than in real life.

What was a Neapolitan with good interpersonal skills, primary professional experience in real estate and burning desire to serve expected to do….. why sell real estate of course.  Now, anyone who is familiar with Naples knows that very little “selling” is involved.  A simple introduction to this extraordinary corner of the world is usually enough to unleash an unstopable appetite to become part of the picture.  The fact that I actually get paid for sharing my own good fortune is one of the remarkable inequities of our commercial landscape!

As your Naples Realtor, I will of course share all the spectacular advantages of this little oasis…. The turquoise Gulf water, white sugar sand beaches, tony shopping, arts and culture, culinary delights at every turn…the list is long.  I am also prepared to (and will insist on) providing you with the historical perspective of each area, the geographical advantages and deficits, traffic swells, climatic vulnerabilities, building limitations…. You get the idea.  My approach is to provide ALL the information you need to make an informed decision, warts and all.

In order to insure a commercially responsive front, I have partnered with another mid-western boy in this great real estate endeavor.  Jim Mayer hails from Minnesota and boasts a long career in advertising as well as real estate (he was at least educated in Indiana… Notre Dame, although I’ve never held this against him).  Most importantly, Jim shares my primary commercial value…. serving.  After many successful years in business, we prefer thinking that our primary motivation has moved up one level on Maslow’s pyramid.

The formula seems to be working…. We enjoy a consistent ranking among the top ¼% of Realtors nationally and are regularly awarded top achievement awards by the Realty Alliance, an association of the largest real estate brokers in America.  More importantly,  we have happy clients.

Your thoughts will eventually turn to Naples, Florida.  When they do, count me among your most valuable resources!


Mike Shepherd