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Driving Directions

Hello. and thank you for taking some of your valuable time to read about me.  Hopefully, when you are done, you will know me a little better and you'll give me the opportunity to get to know you. 

I am a real estate and technology professional. I am resourceful, pragmatic and a positive thinker with strong analytical skills. I am also creative, and pride myself in my ability to come up with simple, workable solutions to complex problems. I have a strong sense of humor, which I use mostly at my own expense because I think there is danger in taking oneself too seriously.

I earned my first real estate license in California in 1987, have held a broker’s license in Montana and am a FL-licensed broker. Over the years have been an award winning Realtor; have managed real estate partnerships and owned a brokerage firm; and have been involved in land development, construction and urban rehab projects.  I am now very privileged to be the Managing Broker of the John R Wood’s Old Naples office because beyond being an extraordinary brokerage firm, the company is also the perfect platform to further my mission to raise the bar of professionalism in real estate.

Faith in the human ability to rise to the occasion drives my relationships with my agents. My belief is that if we, as a company, define best practices and provide the right tools to implement them; and provide agent-appropriate education, guidance and coaching, all our agents will reach their next level and define the standard in our industry.

At John R Wood, we do pride ourselves in being the best partner Realtors ™ can have.  We have been recognized by RIS Media as the most productive company in Florida and the thirteenth most productive company in the nation.  This means that we recruit, train and support our agents to produce at their highest levels, $8M volume sales average per agent per year (as of 2015).  I know that our agents’ high productivity is, at least in part, due to the coaching and support we are committed to giving them every single day.  That knowledge gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in my work. If you are a Realtor ™ I hope to share it with you one day.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my mission at John R Wood Properties, let me know about you.  Call me at 239-220-1018 and let’s have a conversation.